About Us

Brief History

The Multimedia Group is the largest independent commercial, media and entertainment Company in Ghana.

Founded in 1995 by a Ghanaian entrepreneur, Mr. Kwasi Twum, the Company has grown from humble beginnings with 12 employees to directly employing some 600 people across its 6 Radio brands, 3 online assets and Ghana’s first free multi channel television brand in 20 years of operation.

"What began as a single radio station in 1995 is today the nation's largest radio, television and online network and sub Saharan Africa's biggest media entity."

The Multimedia Group has been a major spur for the growth in the advertising, creative arts and entertainment industries, particularly the gospel music industry in Ghana. In 2009 the launch of Multi TV finally made television truly available to every hamlet in even the remotest part of Ghana, providing multi-channel television and radio access to areas which were formerly deprived of any media access. Multi TV has also been a platform to export local Ghanaian TV channels across Africa via satellite and across parts of Europe via the ABN channel.

At The Multimedia Group, we pride ourselves in our independence and over the years have established ourselves as a fiercely independent voice, speaking truth to power, reporting and exposing corruption in public institutions, shedding light on and confronting negative and social norms and practices.

Our communities are our anchor and our raison d’être. Through our various social initiatives we try to make a difference in our local communities by providing educational, healthcare and other kinds of support - we are committed to investing in and making our local communities a better place to live in. .

MGL operates the largest and most visited indigenous online platforms in Ghana.

MGL's latest addition is Multi TV, the multi channel largest free to air (FTA) television network in Africa.

In addition to our radio, television and online platforms MGL also has the biggest events and promotions vehicle in Ghana, organizing special and targeted events that attract over 250,000 attendees annually.

MGL is a talent and people centered organization, driven by creativity and content and enabled by emerging technology.


Our Vision

To become a world class African media Group.

Our Purpose

To create credible and compelling information and entertainment products and services that attracts the largest audience community and deliver high value solutions to our advertisers.

Our Values

MGL upholds the highest standards of business behavior; promotes a culture of ethical conduct and are guided by our following values anchored in our Christian Faith.


We are committed to demonstrating leadership in every enterprise we embark on.


We are committed to exhibiting unyielding integrity in our business activities.


We are committed to contributing our time and resources to make our community a better place.