Making a Difference in our Communities

We at Multimedia take pride in our communities and embrace opportunities to give back to the community we serve. Our people are dedicated to applying their combined talents, energy, and resourcefulness in ways that contribute to improving the quality of life in our communities.


  • The Easter Soup Kitchen – Annually feeds more than 30,000 street and destitute people around Easter and other times in the year.
  • Blood Donation Drives – In collaboration with the nation’s blood banks and various medical institutions, the Group collects over 5000 pints of blood every year. This is the largest contribution by any Organization to the Ghana Blood Transfusion Service.
  • Joy Needy Child Foundation and Multimedia Educare Trust Fund – provides financial support to various child-centered charitable institutions and educational scholarships to brilliant underprivileged students. In 2016, 6 SHS students were on MGL Educare Fund scholarships
  • Read 100 Project - Championed by the Super Morning Show on Joy FM this project seeks to enhance the habit of reading among school children. So far, four community libraries have been completed under the project in the Greater Accra, Volta, Upper west and Ashanti regions

    Joy FM also mobilized support from its listener to provide financial support for a number of persons to access medical services - including:

    support of GHS 16,000 for 16-year-old acid attack victim Andy Dodoo;
    GHS 15,000 for surgery to correct cystitis, an infection of the bladder, for 5 year old Afia Hian;
    GHS 3,000 to support for visually impaired Theresa Kwartemaa to regain admission into Wesley College of Education;
    GHS 6,500 for plastic surgery for 7 year Joyce Blessing after suffering burns in a fire.

  • Following the airing of the story of the story of Akosua Nimako, who had to share one school uniform with her sister, GHS 21,160 was raised to support the family to support the education of the children.
  • Adom FM raised money to purchase a canoe for residents of Asuoyaa to enable them commute across a stream that cut them off from the rest of the country

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